Total Care Projects Total Care Projects



  • Engineering, Drafting, Consultancy, Advisory
  • Whether engineering, drafting, consulting or an advisory role, PCS can develop your design.
  • Clear understanding of the specific requirements of every project
  • PCS design and product expertise increases capital efficiency of projects
  • Regulatory design and strategy integrated into the full life cycle of the project
  • Comprehensive integrated systems that increase both functionality and response
  • PCS system designs eliminate the intimidation factor of introducing new technologies, making them user friendly


  • Tactical installation and effective workflow implementation in new and rebuilt facilities
  • PCS systems expertise and product knowledge enhances effective installation for functionality
  • Systems testing procedures and certification to ensure quality standards
  • Staff training on system ability and functionality
  • Track record of creating solutions for new facilities to re-vamps, de-bottlenecks, overhauls and upgrades of existing facilities.
  • Agile and flexible to meet changing requirements


  • Needs assessment to ensure the right technology upgrade is assimilated with the most cost-effective solution
  • Repair and rebuild existing systems to current standards and technology advancement
  • Parts distribution positioned near the customer base for speed of service
  • Remote support procedures utilizing in house PCS expertise and knowledge
  • Cost effective technology updates on antiquated systems
  • Attentive and responsive for various supportive needs
  • Timely responsiveness
  • Certified Technicians
  • Commissioning/ Recertification
  • Training

The Ultimate Fusion of Technology & Expertise

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